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A Symbiosis Quintet céljának a hangszeres zene kifejező erejének megélését, és hallgatókkal való megismertetését tűzte ki. Zenéjüket erősen átitatja a modális jazz, de az quintet tagjainak fiatal kora és sokszínű érdeklődése révén sok más zenei elemet is alkalmaznak.

In July 2017, the Ákos Fekecs Project was founded with the aim to realize Ákos’ own musical ideas with his friends and fellow-musicians. The drummer-composer has been working on his own compositions since 2011.

It is no exaggeration to say that the duo’s debut album Duetti, paralleli, released by Hunnia Records in 2019, unlocks the complete richness and beauty of the two strings. Since the release, several new compositions have been created by the duo, some of which will be performed for the audience of Opus Jazz Club.

"Az a fajta folk, amely a bölcsességfogig hatol. Nem a turistáknak szóló dalokkal, hanem dervistáncokkal és a médiumok extatikus sámánizmusával. Vagy egy rituális kivégzés zenei kíséretével" –

The duo of Veronika Szász and István Bata is characterized by the desire to experiment, to discover, and to create by crossing genre boundaries.

The drummer-composer Balázs Bágyi is one of the leading artists of Hungarian jazz.

The strong jazz roots of Magalí Sare & Manel Fortià embraced a repertoire of traditional songs from Catalonia, Spain and Latin America.

Limbo has been one of the leaders in contemporary Czech jazz for more than 15 years.

Kelet és Nyugat találkozik Czirják Csaba gitáros legújabb szerzői lemezén, a Nap és Hold címűn, amit kvintetté bővült formációjával rögzített. Míg a pentaton hangkészletű dallamokban a magyar népzenei és a bartóki örökséget fedezhetjük fel, addig a harmóniafűzések jellegzetesen nyugatiak és a jazzre jellemzők.

For the past 25 years saxophonist and musical omnivore Benjamin Herman has been one of Holland’s most productive musicians of his generation. After taking part in the 1991 Thelonious Monk Competition and studying with Dick Oatts in New York, to date Benjamin has released over 50 albums as a solo artist and as front man of his groove orientated eight-piece ensemble New Cool Collective.

Montis, Goudsmit & Directie are the new darlings of the Dutch soul and jazz scene. The three men share a love for swinging, groovy soul-jazz music.

Filip Dinev Szvetlo is an atypical international jazz trio, widening the soundscape of the classic guitar trio format, blending it with classical, pop and balkan stylistic elements.

Traditional, mainstream jazz is the stylistic ground for Miklós Gányi’s quartet, which they transform in peculiar ways, stripping away all constraints. Sometimes they recall the era of dixie and swing, sometimes they experiment with modern, free sounds.

Károly Gáspár returns to Opus with a special band: he formed a trio with two similarly determinant figures of the Hungarian jazz scene, Géza Jónás and Balázs Bágyi.

The project by the quirky name of GIIPUJA, which stands for (translated from Croatian) Music of Istra and the Croatian Littoral in Jazz Arrangements, has been bringing modern jazz with a distinct ethno flavour to Croatian and regional audiences since 2013.

In their most recent poetry album, singer Veronika Harcsa, cellist-composer Albert Márkos, actor László Keszég, double bassist Róbert Benkő and drummer Balázs Pándi arranges works by Dezső Tandori and János Sziveri, a poet from Vojvodina, who passed away at an early age.

The project’s own musical compositions combine elements of Jazz, chamber music and from the Mediterranean and South-Eastern regions of the European continent. Their approach is based on a philosophy where music is a clear and crystalline medium which irradiates a rich palette of emotional hues. These are inspired by strong melodies which are adorned by a subtle and seemingly effortless lacework of improvisation.

Listening to HI5 is both adventure and pleasure. At the same time, HI5's music is not sprawling but logical and consequent in its development and design – it's full of successful achievements in both music and brain power.

In the symbiosis of the trio, togetherness is the only source of inspiration for their gliding music. Though this musical retreat, based on contemporary improvisation techniques, may be a fragile flying modus, the participants speak a common language and hear each other in the right way.

The band absorbs the material of the original recordings, sticking to the arrangements, forms and compositional features. As improvisation is the blood of jazz, solos are invented by the players at the moment.

By learning and playing these compositions and arrangements, the musicians are paying tribute to the jazz legends and are undergoing an intense process of musical improvement. Chick Corea’s legendary masterpiece, an album released in 1972 by ECM, is one of the most significant snapshots of fusion jazz.

The band absorbs the material of the original recordings, sticking to the arrangements, forms and compositional features. As improvisation is the blood of jazz, solos are invented by the players at the moment.

Pat Metheny is undoubtedly one of the greatest jazz guitarists. He has played with all the legendary jazz icons while becoming one himself. His debut album Bright Size Life is presented by Modern Art Orchestra musicians in this special concert.

Nigun celebrated the 20th anniversary of its foundation in 2021. For this special occasion, they created a new repertoire, mostly consisting of compositions by the bandleader, András Párniczky, but also characterized by the deep understanding and fondness of East European Jewish folk music.

This collaboration of four outstanding artists forms a peerless combination of sax, guitar, organ and drums, leading to stunning results in terms of sound and arrangement, sparkled with rhythmic ideas, texture and space.

The Nuova Generazione Jazz double bill brings the very best of new Italian jazz to Opus Jazz Club, presenting two exciting bands of the younger generation.

The main elements of the compositions of pianist-composer Krisztián Oláh, who has gained prestigious accolades in the world of jazz, are compositional techniques of classical music and the improvisational flow and abstract rhythm of contemporary jazz.

Together with Mediterranean elements of style, uniquely rethought and recomposed jazz standards play a huge role in the programme of Orbay Lilla Quintet. However, their repertoire becomes more and more dominated by original compositions that fascinate the audience with a free and easy, and yet exciting tone.

Artists, whose backgrounds extend from jazz, baroque and tango nuevo to more experimental and improvised music, have been providing the audience with an exciting musical experience already for 7 years now.

In the season of 2022/23, Modern Art Orchestra presents excellent Hungarian composers to the audience of Opus Jazz Club. In their series of six concerts, they invite composers who experiment with orchestral sound and look for new ways of expression.

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